We offer four types of microphone cubes, with your logo:


Cubes with decals (vinyl sticker wrap)
Usually despatched in 48 hours
Digitally printed durable vinyl is matte laminated to minimise flare
Stock sizes 65mm x 65mm x 50mm high or 65mm x 65mm x 65mm high
Triangles and special sizes available to order

Socceroos - Microphone Cube - Mic Logo Branding

Cubes with Decals

Screen-printed cubes are most durable with construction and inks to withstand being thrown into camera bags.
Artwork needs to be solid colours, no shading, for the sharpest, brightest print on camera.

7 News - Microphone Cube-Mic Logo Branding

Screen-printed cubes

Direct digital print to our standard square-cornered cubes is a solution for complex shaded graphics.

Image is brighter than on a decal but lead time is a consideration as decals are much faster.

Domain Test - Microphone Cube - Mic Logo Branding

Direct digital print

Event cube is for limited-use event budgets.
This moulded cube with rounded corners has a decal wrap digitally printed so there are no design restrictions.
Lead time can be 48 hours.

Economy Event - Microphone Cube - Mic Logo Branding

Budget event cube

Moulded - Microphone Cube- Mic Logo Branding

Unbranded moulded cube

Unbranded - Microphone Cube - Mic Logo Branding

Brand-it-yourself cube

Cubes without branding can be supplied ex-stock as the moulded rounded corner style or the fabricated sharp corner style as squares or rectangles.  Special sizes and shapes (long rectangles or triangles) can be made in Sydney in white, black  or coloured acrylic.