What do windshields cost? Custom made means a quote each order because there are a number of variables:

  • your logo and method of applying the logo
  • number of colours
  • model of microphone

As a price guide recently supplied windshields were:

  • 1 for $210 – $280
  • 4 for $110 – $140 ea
  • 10 for $80 – $120ea

Plus each order $65 for FedEx delivery + GST.

Combining designs

At no additional cost combine several designs within your quantity provided they are all ordered at the same time.

​Usually within 24 hours we will send you a quote and mock-up for your windshields. Delivery is usually five weeks from acceptance of quote and approval of artwork. Full payment by direct deposit or credit card is required at time of approval.

All windshields with a specified PMS coloured background are flocked over the foam. Unflocked, raw foam in basic black, yellow, green, red and blue is also available. Our quotes are for flocked windshields unless raw foam is requested.

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