Foam Windshields

Foam windshields are shaped for specific microphones so we need you to tell us the brand and model from the chart below. If not known, please write the measurements on the sizing guide below, scan them and email them to us, or complete the online form.



AKG D230, C1000S
Audio Technica AT8033, MB2k, MB4k
Beyer Dynamic M58, M59, M201
Electrovoice EV635, RE50
Nuemann KMS105
Rode M2, Reporter
Sennheiser E835, E935, SKM100, SKM1000, MD42, MD46, EW135, MKE Range, SKM Range
Shure SM57, SM58, SM63, VP64, P48
Sony UTX H2, F112, F720, F780
Wisycom MTH 410
Yellowtec iXM



What we offer


We offer a range of spherical, 3-sided and 4-sided windshields in a variety of sizes to suit all types of microphones, smartphones and voice recorders.


We can supply printed windshields for any size microphone from Miniature Lavalier up to large boom microphones. With windshields ranging from 15mm to 250mm in diameter and 20mm to over 500mm in length.  We have also supplied to Parliament House Canberra 300 custom shape plain foam windshields. If your microphone can not be defined by the List of Microphones or the Microphone Sizing sheet we can custom design a windshield.


  • Plain foam finish which is the most affordable option and used in-studio or for locations where surrounding sound is limited. Plain foam is recommended for use in very hot and humid conditions. It is available in black, red, blue, green, yellow, purple.
  • Flocked finish is more usually supplied as this helps cut down the surrounding sound and can be matched to your corporate or chosen pms colour.  You can see from the mock-up page how flocking can produce two colour or graduated colour designs.


We have developed a number of printing techniques that enable us to create spot-colour prints, full-colour digital photos for complex logos, or a combination of the two.  From the pictures page, you will see that the sharpest images are produced from logos supplied in solid colours with the PMS colours supplied to us.


Decorated windscreens are valuable pieces of equipment that are used to suppress wind and “pop” noises.

Usage: The windscreens must be handled carefully. Each windscreen is made for a particular type of microphone and should only be used with the style and model for which it was supplied. If you use a windscreen on a larger microphone it will damage the shape and logo.

Storage: Humidity can undermine the durability of the logos. Never store a wet or hot windscreen in an airtight plastic bag or closed case. If it gets wet allow the windscreen to dry completely in free air. Similarly, allow it to cool down in free air if it has become heated by studio lighting or some environmental source. It is important with a large order not to store them in their plastic bags.

Cleaning: It is not recommended to use any cleaning agents as this may damage the logo/windshield surface or affect the logo to windshield bond.