Microphone Cube - Maori-Television-Mic Logo Branding

Maybe watching Question Time in Parliament may not be as riveting to you as the Test
Cricket on 7 — but how about the Olympics with channel 7’s bright red windshields held up
to the faces of the heroes ; the Melbourne Cup coverage on 10 with the a branded blue
windsock riding along in the hand of the interviewer keeping pace with the cup jockey; or
Maggie Beer chatting on Sunrise into a crisply logo’d white mic cube – or the Rugby
coverage on ABC’s classic black mic foamies … all ours!

All supplied by Mic Logo Branding.

Most of the windshields you see on TV in Australia and NZ are the products of Mic Logo
Branding. Most are flocked (which looks like velvet and cuts down unwanted sound). The
flock is matched to any specified corporate colour. The raw foam mic covers (like the one
that comes with your microphone – are better technically for in-studio talk where there is
less surrounding babble. When we brand these with a logo, viewers know which show on
which channel they are watching.

Mic Logo Branding’s manufacturer in UK is a serious sound tech hub. They make the foam in different densities for optimum performance. The different moulded shapes of windsocks are not just for good looks – they are designed for the enhancement of the sound. Showing your brand or your sponsor’s brand on the removable collar below the foamie is the marketing plus.

MicLogoBranding samples

Price and Performance are twin concerns. All microphone windshields might look alike but
Mic Logo Branding is the choice of people seriously in the sound business, world wide.
To see how your logo would look on a windshield, go to FAST QUOTE to give us what we
need to come back with a mock-up and quote.